Privacy Policy

Menzies Consulting will never give or sell your data. The online advertising giants are harvesting your data as you quietly navigate the internet. Menzies are not.

We avoid using Google Analytics because we don’t want them to be tracking your visit to our sites with ‘cookies’ that they then use to build profiles of you to sell to advertisers. Similarly there are no Facebook-style ‘hidden pixels’ on or ‘like buttons’ that do the same.

If you choose to become a Menzies supporter, sign up to our LinkedIn newsletter or reach out for an evaluation of your project. Thank you. We will send you occasional mails but unsubscribing from these is only ever a click away at the bottom of any message.

We hope this gives you comfort that we take your online privacy seriously. We are also constantly learning and wanting to do better so if you think there’s anything we could improve on please get in touch at

Thank you,


Last updated 05 January 2024